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About Us

About Edgefield Prime Meat Company

Edgefield Prime Meat Company is jointly owned and operated by the families of Joseph Riddle, Brandon Masiongale, and Daniel Masiongale. This business was founded on a corner stone belief that consumers should know, without doubt, every detail of the meat they purchase and have personalized options on the cuts they desire. Details such as origin, diet, health, age, when/where it was processed, and options such as thickness of primal cuts, percent fat content, etc. are important to consumers. Edgefield Prime gives the consumer the knowledge to make powerful choices in their meat diet and provides a vehicle to satisfy those desires. Edgefield Prime offers the choice of grass or grain finished beef.

The beef for Edgefield Prime is supplied by Edgefield Farms. Edgefield Farms began as a family-owned beef operation in Byrdstown, Tennessee. Through opportunity and seeing the need for accountability in farming, we have expanded. Edgefield Farm maintains a 2000 plus head cattle herd that continues to grow. Although cattle are produced on Pickett and Wilson county farms, the majority of our farming operation is located on a 4000-acre farm in Morgan County. Although our finished beef have been sought after by the “Big Four” packing houses, we saw the need to provide this high quality product from our farm directly to your dining table. To fulfill this need, Edgefield Prime Meat Company was established.

Our USDA-inspected meat processing facility is able to offer the safest beef in the industry, by limiting transfer of ownership and the stressful shipping and handling of animals.

With today’s beef supply and all the unknown factors of beef production Edgefield Prime is pleased to offer from our family to yours a high-quality product with competitive prices to restaurants and individual consumers.



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